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 creative coaching for serious talent

MELISSA and NBC's "THE VOICE" -        
Melissa has coached talent on this hit show before so she is the best one to know what is needed to get through the process. Even if you have been told you have a  beautiful voice  you may just need to get a bit of technique behind you and  figure out how to take what you have and turn it PRO so you can last on the show and possibly win it.  From performance rehearsals, to voice coaching, to vocal producing to media training Melissa has the skills to take you to the top.  Melissa is also is working with a contestant from THE VOICE -IRELAND and been busy helping the vocalist reach her next big goal in the music industry .  


 MTV is launching a Singing Competion Series           called "COPYCAT" and Melissa is right there in on

the action. She has been working with one of her students to help her "become" her assigned

Celebrity vocalist. "It's a fun challenge taking someones natural voice and teaching them how t

o use technique to achieve another artists style."  S

tay tuned for air date info and to find out more about her special student!

Music- Melissa's picks

The Highway Women -

Melissa serves as a Creative Director and co-writer on this heritage project out of Texas. In the spirit of The Highway Men - Johnny, Waylon , WIllie and Kris these 4 girls bring their unique voices and harmonies to form a refreshing sound that is as classic as it is current.The girls have already worked with legends like Mickey Rafael and Robbie Turner who have had careers playing with Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, are  playing festivals currently and are opening up for Chase Rice in the near future. Stay tuned as Melissa continues  co-writing music with the girls and works with them to  perfect their live shows.


This exciting project is new to the roster and is so cool to be working on. Avant Garde, artistic and soaring vocals are the perfect ingredients to make this the next big thing to come out of this unique performer out of Ireland and Melissa will be right their to help her pull through on the spectacular vocals that Sarah is capable of. 


Melissa's student catches social media success:

Laela  is working from NYC and is an up and coming talent that is already getting a million hits on her sound cloud uploads. Melissa has been working with her as a song and vocal coach  and is now also  co-writing with her. Her unique  acoustic ,rappy at times, r&b influenced style has given her the title as the "coolest" new artist around awarding her millions of social media hits on her music. New music coming out soon!

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